Ball Bearing Small Sphere

Bar Magnet and U Magnet


Beehive Shelf

Bottle Rubber Cork

BP Apparatus

BP Apparatus

Brass Slotted Calibration Weights

Bunsen Burner

Capillary Tube

China Dish

Clamp With Boss Head

Classic Human Brain Model Smart Anatomy


Conical Flask

Cover Slip

Glass Rod


Hooke's law Apparatus

Human Eye Model Smart Anatomy

Human Skeleton Disarticulated

Human Skeleton Full Size

Human Skull Colored

Human Ear Model

Human Muscular Model

Human Kidney Model

Human Heart Model With Bypass Smart Anatomy

Human Skull

Human Teeth Model

Human Tongue Model

Human Torso

Human Charts

Insectes Box

Lab Coat Cotton

Laboratory Tripod Stand

Lab prism

Magnifying Glass

Measuring Cylinder

Measuring Cylinder

Measuring Cylinder

Micrometer Screw Gauge

Microscope Slides

One way Key

Pendulum Bob

Pendulum Bob Set

Pestle And Mortar

Pipette Pump

Pipette Sucker

Reagent Bottles

Room Thermometer

Sand Paper



Spirit Lamp

Surgical Box

Test Tube Holder

Test Tube Stand

Thermometer Zeal


Vernier Caliper


Volumetric Flask

Watch Glass

Weight Machine

Whatman Filter Paper

Wire Gauze

Wolf Bottle