(Late) Mr. Saleem Ramzan Ali Rajani


(Late) Mr. Saleem Ramzan Ali Rajani founded Sohail Scientific in 1980 at Karachi, Pakistan with his energetic and honest approach he led the firm's business activities to spread all over the country.

He had a clear vision of the development trends and was genuinely committed to contribute in the nation building. He had clear vision and message for Sohail Scientifics' prosperity and leading position in Scientific Trade.

With many decades of notable achievements in the scientific & research field of in Pakistan, I see that Sohail Scientific will prevail in market at Top level and it will get priority over other Tenders in Pakistan. I hope that with our extensive experience, technical knowhow and reliable resources, Sohail Scientific will make its mark in International markets too in the coming years".

Mr. Saleem Rajani Expired on 17th January 2011.

May his Soul Rest in Eternal Peace. AMEEN.

Sohail Saleem Rajani

Chief Executive Officer

Sohail Saleem Rajani (CEO), With all the humility and thanks to Almighty ALLAH who has been very kind and forgiving. I wish to write few words for Saleem Rajani & Company, founded my father (Late) Saleem Rajani. May Allah rest his soul in peace. Aameen!

Sohail Scientific is a pre eminent infrastructure Pakistani company, specialized in research and laboratories equipments and also deal in health organizations in all over Pakistan. We have team of professionals that provide goods and services to customers across Pakistan. What we do and now we do it can have an impact on the lives of every one of our employees, customers, business partners and those in the communities where we operate.

With over 30 years of notable achievements in the field of science in Pakistan, we have in the recent years also focused on international markets. We hope that with extensive experience, technical know how and reliable resources, we shall make our mark in abroad markets too, in the upcoming years.

Sohail Scientific has adopted corporate governance guidelines which comply with al applicable laws and state regulations. We have adopted strict employee health, safety and environmental policies. We promote human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption efforts.

Working together with our employees and our customers, we are helping to build a brighter future in developing Pakistan, amongst the world.

"We Build Satisfaction!"

Assuring you of our best professional services.